The Huge Dildo Homepage was originally run by Swallow on GeoCities. It was a very popular and informative site, and we had exchanged occasional email with Swallow. Then the pages disappeared. We wrote to Swallow to ask what happened, but received no response. A discussion of these pages came up on the Handball Mailing List, and as a result someone sent us some of the pages that they had saved. We decided to post them on our amateur porn site,, so that this incredible information would not be lost.

Then, Swallow contacted us again! He told us that he had been taking a vacation from cyber space for a couple of years. And since he did not think that he would be putting the Huge Dildo pages up again any time soon, he sent us a copy of the entire site! We posted the complete pages on our site. But that site has been inactive for a few years, so the pages weren't available. We recently changed into a blog site, and since these pages don't fit into a blog structure very well, we decided to give them their own site again.

We do not suggest or recommend that anyone attempt the techniques described in these pages. They are presented here for your entertainment only. We did not write these pages, and cannot answer any questions about them. We have not heard from Swallow in many years, and do not know how to contact him.We also strongly recommend that you read this Important Information before trying anything described in these pages!

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How To Deep-Throat A Huge Dildo

The books are wrong! Here is some of the BAD ADVICE about deep-throating that I've read:

"Just relax." Bad advice! First off, it's impossible to really relax when something huge is going down your throat! Secondly, how much fun is it to relax? Thirdly, if it's the real thing, how much fun would it be for him, unless he's a necrophiliac? Finally, there is a real danger of choking if you just relax, because then the gag reflex is not suppressed and you might even vomit, which is not a very erotic experience.

"Let your head hang over the edge of the bed, upside down, and that'll make your throat a straight path and easier to accommodate a huge cock." Bad advice! Your throat can take a huge cock (or dildo) most comfortably in the classic on-your-knees position, looking upwards and head bent back to where it comfortably stops. If you bend back as far as you can, the neck will actually be constricted, and deep-throating becomes very uncomfortable or even impossible.

"Do it in the morning when your stomach is empty." Bad advice. The throat is the least flexible in the morning. For maximum comfort, do it on an empty stomach after several hours of being awake. If nothing else, a steady regimen of this will help you lose weight! Whenever I have a busy evening booked, I simply have a big lunch and then skip dinner.

"You can't do it unless God designed you like Linda Lovelace." Baloney. Anybody can do it.

Here's how it's done.

(1) Make sure the dildo is clean! The dangers of deep-throating shit-covered dildos (and cocks) are well known. There is only one condition under which I'll take a huge dildo from my ass and deep-throat it ... but I'll get into that on the next page. Clean the dildo thoroughly!

(2) Lubricate the huge dildo very well. Use whatever you enjoy the most. Some of my friends insist that flavored gels are the best. Many lubricants taste terrible, however; for example, some skin lotions are great during sex play but taste like soap. Ditto for petroleum jelly, which tastes like, uh, you know ... petroleum. I use Heavy Mineral Oil, available in the laxative section of your local pharmacy; it's not expensive, it's available everywhere, it's odorless, tasteless, and colorless, and it's really slick and it feels great. Note well: saliva is not enough! The sight of a guy licking the whole length of a huge dildo and getting it dripping with saliva is a turn-on ... but it dries too quickly, and dry plastic does not feel good inside the throat! Lubricate the dildo thoroughly!

The First Stage Swallow!

(3) Regardless of who is shoving the dildo into your throat (you or a friend), it's vital to be keenly aware of the four stages of deep-throating. The FIRST STAGE is at the back of the mouth ... let me see ... about 4 inches deep. (One of my dildos I nicknamed "Dipstick" because it has rings around it marking the inches.) Here's the first place that people tend to gag. But you won't gag at all (or even feel the reflex to gag) if you SWALLOW and SLIDE YOUR TONGUE FORWARD AND BACKWARDS at the right moments! The throat opens very nicely when we swallow, and swallowing is naturally accompanied by a lot of deep tongue movement (see animation above). It's an active role you must take for this to work. The dildo is not just shoved into a passive throat, but into a throat in motion, into a HUNGRY throat, into a hot throat that's FAMISHED and eager to swallow it! This not only keeps you from gagging, but is highly erotic! Which would you rather fuck: a limp, motionless throat, or a voracious throat whose muscles are in overdrive, sucking you inwards, pulsing with energy? Yowza! You'll recognize the moment of truth: when the dildo passes the back of the mouth and enters the throat, it's an unmistakable feeling, like the pause at the top of a roller coaster.

The Second Stage Hold your breath!

(4) Keep moving your tongue (not the tip, but the back, way back) and swallowing, and you'll be amazed how easily and comfortably the dildo slides past this first stage and into the top of your throat. But the SECOND STAGE comes quickly, and here's where most people freak out. When you breathe through your nose, the air enters your throat at a point just behind your mouth (see arrow in picture above). As the dildo passes that point, it blocks the air passageway, and you will not be able to breathe. Beginners often panic and yank the dildo out. But there's no need to panic. Ever been swimming? Ever held your breath? Of course you have. Your blood has enough air in it for a while; you don't need to breathe ALL the time. If it makes you feel better to take a huge breath just before this stage, go for it. My most popular and outrageous performance at parties (my "All The Way" stunt) requires that I hold my breath for two whole minutes. Easy, if you practice.

The Third Stage Trachea/Esophagus

(5) Keep swallowing. Keep the back of your tongue in motion. And if you can, watch what happens next in a mirror. You can actually see where the dildo is by the moving bulge in your neck!. When somebody else is shoving it in, I always put one hand on my throat to feel the dildo passing through; that gets me so hard! But now comes the THIRD STAGE, the bottom of the neck, where your windpipe (trachea) and food pipe (esophagus) part company. This is about ... let me grab Dipstick here ... 9 inches deep. This is the end of the line for almost everybody; the number of people who get past the third stage is small ... I think I taught them all! If you were to just SHOVE the dildo at this juncture, it wouldn't work, because the brain is paranoid that this massive intruder might go into your windpipe, and there's a sphincter in there that closes up. It took me the longest time to figure out the secret. Here it is. Ever suck air into your stomach to make a burp? You know that funny thing you have to do, sort of opening your throat and sucking in? Well guess what: that's EXACTLY how to get past the third stage. The moment that you feel the dildo "hit bottom" around the 9-inch mark, do four things right away: pretend that you're trying to swallow air to make a burp and open your throat; swallow hard (very important!); move your tongue vigorously inward; and SHOVE. The first few times you might have to shove harder than you might believe, because you are fighting against your own brain here. Also, the first few times there will probably be a momentary flash of a brand new sensation deep in your throat, which is caused by the stimulation of thousands of nerves that had hitherto been unused, and your brain rapidly tries to sort out whether it's pain, or heat, or what! It's just pressure, however, and the brain figures that out in a second or two. (If it really stings or burns, stop and try again a minute later with more lube, and you'll be surprised how there will be no discomfort at all the second time). As you gain experience, your brain will eventually recognize the signals, and you will feel only the pleasure of the dildo's surface sliding along the smooth surface of the inside of your throat.

The Fourth Stage Stomach

(6) It's smooth sailing now all the way to the bottom of your esophagus. Enjoy the feeling as you push the huge dildo deeper and deeper inside yourself. (If you only have an 18-inch standard dildo, then be careful not to go too far; stop when your lips reach the head of the dildo! If you shove the head into your mouth, you might not be able to get it back out! What you can do next is discussed below.) Now comes the FOURTH STAGE, the stomach. You'll feel a momentary resistance as the dildo pokes through the sphincter that keeps stomach juices from going up the esophagus. Just carry on as before, and the dildo will enter the stomach. If you are physically fit enough, you'll be able to press your hand against your belly and actually feel the dildo in there, especially if you pump the dildo it in and out. The entry to the stomach is curved (see picture above) and so the dildo is set up perfectly to begin to coil around in there. Some of my friends (especially older ones) don't like this feeling, and they made their huge dildos just long enough to enter the stomach. But most people (including me) get a big kick out of feeling the dildo curling up and around inside, like a snake. (Do not attempt this if you have an ulcer!!!) You'd be able to ram miles of dildo down your gullet, except for the fact that the coiling dildo will eventually fill your stomach to capacity. Experiment and find out what length is fun, what length is comfortable, what length is tolerable, and what length is clearly too much for you. For me, 36 inches is perfect. I've never seen anybody take all of a Killer 54-inch Dildo made out of four 18-inchers, but it's bound to happen eventually! Always remember: do not shove those final three inches (the head of the dildo) into your mouth! You gotta have something to grab onto when it's time to pull it back out! Don't worry about asphyxiating; the instinct to breathe is too strong to be ignored too long.

What to do next is up to you! My favorite things include slowly pistoning it in and out so that I can feel its whole length moving inside of me. I often do that when I'm alone, and it makes me come without even touching my cock. I also get a huge kick out of jacking off with the huge dildo all the way down my throat; I can't breathe, and as my air supply depletes I go wild and always have a killer orgasm. At orgies and at party performances, I particularly enjoy it when one guy does the shoving and pistoning, and others have their hands on my throat and stomach, leaving my hands free to feel them up and jack them off.

The feeling of a huge dildo sliding in and out of my mouth and throat and stomach is my second most favorite thing in the whole world. (Number 1 is swallowing cum, but that's not what this website is about). With practice, any difficulties can be overcome, and any discomfort will eventually become only a memory, but the pleasure gets more intense each time.

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