The Huge Dildo Homepage was originally run by Swallow on GeoCities. It was a very popular and informative site, and we had exchanged occasional email with Swallow. Then the pages disappeared. We wrote to Swallow to ask what happened, but received no response. A discussion of these pages came up on the Handball Mailing List, and as a result someone sent us some of the pages that they had saved. We decided to post them on our amateur porn site,, so that this incredible information would not be lost.

Then, Swallow contacted us again! He told us that he had been taking a vacation from cyber space for a couple of years. And since he did not think that he would be putting the Huge Dildo pages up again any time soon, he sent us a copy of the entire site! We posted the complete pages on our site. But that site has been inactive for a few years, so the pages weren't available. We recently changed into a blog site, and since these pages don't fit into a blog structure very well, we decided to give them their own site again.

We do not suggest or recommend that anyone attempt the techniques described in these pages. They are presented here for your entertainment only. We did not write these pages, and cannot answer any questions about them. We have not heard from Swallow in many years, and do not know how to contact him.We also strongly recommend that you read this Important Information before trying anything described in these pages!

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How To Take A Huge Dildo Up The Ass

This can be dangerous if not done right, so read carefully!

When you shove a huge dildo up your ass, it'll be taking a much more roundabout and meandering path than the straight path it takes in the throat. Look at the picture below. Just a few inches inside your ass (1), it'll bend rather sharply to your left (2), then turn upwards (3), upwards into your large intestine along the left side of your torso (4), then it'll turn again (5) and run horizontally just below your rib cage (6), and finally it'll turn again (7) and run downwards along the right side of your torso (8) before coming to a stop at the exit of the small intestine (9).

The Path

What a winding path! This means you have to be very careful. Here's how to do it.

First of all, the dildo must not be longer than your large intestine! The small intestine and appendix lay at the end of the large intestine, and ramming anything into those is asking for trouble. Contrary to much literature, you CAN feel where the dildo is ... if you follow this page's instructions. Only careful experimentation will tell you what length of dildo is safe for you. As a starting reference point, I'm 5'9" tall, and my 36-inch dildo is just perfect for me. Your yardage may vary. Medical books say that the large intestine is up to 5 feet long! I'll give an award to the first person who shows me a five-foot dildo disappear up their ass!

Secondly, it's ESSENTIAL to give yourself a deep, deep, deep, deep enema. There must be NO SHIT WHATSOEVER anywhere inside your large intestine. I'm not talking about enema bottles here; I'm talking HOSES. Some of my friends have imaginative techniques for giving each other enemas, but I consider it a matter of personal hygiene and just do it myself. If you have no idea how it works, here's what I do. After sitting on the john and forcing out all the crap I can manage, I go in the shower and turn the water to a gentle stream at room temperature. Then I flip the lever that directs the water to my enema hose, which is simply a handheld shower massage unit with the massage unit cut off and thrown away! I very gently and slowly squirt some water into my ass, which I then release and wash down the drain with the hose. Then I do it again, with a little more water, a little deeper, never causing any pain, and always managing to get a bit more crap out with each fill/empty cycle. You'll notice some "stages" (similar to the deep-throat stages) as you go, because there are sphincters deep inside the intestines too. Just be patient, and as you get more and more cleaned out the body will automatically allow the water to get deeper inside, because those sphincters are designed to keep solid matter from going backwards, not liquids. Eventually you'll be able to squirt a gallon or so right in there without any discomfort at all, and it'll fill the entire length of your large intestine.

A common error people make here is the same error most people make when brushing their teeth: they think that a few moments of work will suffice. Deep enemas take time. A lot of time. You can't hurry it. Go slow and easy!

There are two ways of making sure that you are clean enough, and I always do both, just to be safe. First, see if you can feel the water in your large intestine on the right side of your torso. For example, press it rapidly with your hand and see if you can make it slosh around in there. If not, then you still have to do more fill/empty cycles. I also like to hold the water in while dancing a vigorous "twist" for a minute, not only because it really does a great job of churning up the water inside and scrubbing the intestines whistle clean, but also because I totally get off on the feeling of the water sloshing around in there. Secondly, go ahead and try to sink a well-lubed huge dildo up your ass. If it meets resistance, or comes out with any crap on it, then you are nowhere close to being clean enough. It may take practice to get this procedure down, but you'll get so good at it that you'll just know when you're ready.

A lot of literature says that there are no nerve endings inside the intestine, it's impossible to tell what's happening in there, and it's easy to cause damage and not know and bleed to death and all kinds of other horrible things. Listen, people: if you're clean inside, it's EASY to know what's happening in there. Just put your hand there, and you can feel it! You can feel the dildo as it moves, and if you're thin enough, you can even see it as the dildo-bulge moves! (One of my friends gets off just watching the dildo move around inside of me. "It's like Alien!" he says. Uh, I'm happy for him. I just like the feeling).

Finally, it's very important that you use LOTS of lubrication. You have more options here than with deep-throat lubes, because only the feel matters, not the taste or smell. Still, I prefer heavy mineral oil, because it stays slick and lasts for hours and works great and, hey, it was intended for intestinal use anyway! Just slick that baby up and slide it into your ass. You may have to suck in your stomach a little to get it past a few sphincters, but that's no problem, because it feels really cool to suck something into your ass! If you used enough lube, you can even piston it in and out of your ass without worrying about tearing up your innards. (Without sufficient lube, and/or if there's any shit in there, you'll wind up the hospital or morgue, so BE CAREFUL!) And you don't have to worry about it going in too far; unlike the throat, you can easily remove a dildo from your ass by pushing it out.

If I've got an unbooked evening, I really get into this. After hosing myself totally clean in the shower, I squirt half a bottle of mineral oil into my ass, and then slowly fill my guts about halfway with water as I dance a bump and grind, to mix the water and oil and distribute them evenly inside my gut. Then, with huge dildo in hand, I hold the water and oil in me and step out of the shower and go to my weight room and strap myself into my inversion boots and flip upside down, hanging by my feet. I then slowly, slowly, push the huge dildo into my ass, and I can feel it glide along through the water and oil, which ooze and burble around the dildo. I can feel it with my other hand, and even hear it happening! And I find it lots of fun to have the last few inches sticking out, and then suck in my stomach and feel the dildo get sucked all the way inside!

By the way, the intestines are rife with bacteria that only belong there. They can make you very sick if you ingest them. That's why shit smells so ... shitty. It's natures way of warning us not to eat it! So NEVER EVER EVER pull a dildo out of your ass and then stick it in your mouth! That's begging for hepatitis or worse.

Having said that, I must confess that I often arrange to do precisely that, if the party host requests it in advance. To do this, I clean my guts out so thoroughly that not a single microbe or molecule of anything is in there (I hope). Then when I pull the huge dildo out of my ass, it'll be clean and safe for deep-throating (I hope). It's a gamble that I would not recommend to anybody else. But I've done it over a hundred times now, and have never caught so much as a cough from it. If you attempt this stunt, and get sick, don't say I didn't warn you!

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