The Huge Dildo Homepage was originally run by Swallow on GeoCities. It was a very popular and informative site, and we had exchanged occasional email with Swallow. Then the pages disappeared. We wrote to Swallow to ask what happened, but received no response. A discussion of these pages came up on the Handball Mailing List, and as a result someone sent us some of the pages that they had saved. We decided to post them on our amateur porn site,, so that this incredible information would not be lost.

Then, Swallow contacted us again! He told us that he had been taking a vacation from cyber space for a couple of years. And since he did not think that he would be putting the Huge Dildo pages up again any time soon, he sent us a copy of the entire site! We posted the complete pages on our site. But that site has been inactive for a few years, so the pages weren't available. We recently changed into a blog site, and since these pages don't fit into a blog structure very well, we decided to give them their own site again.

We do not suggest or recommend that anyone attempt the techniques described in these pages. They are presented here for your entertainment only. We did not write these pages, and cannot answer any questions about them. We have not heard from Swallow in many years, and do not know how to contact him.We also strongly recommend that you read this Important Information before trying anything described in these pages!

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Doing Two Huge Dildos At The Same Time

Assuming that you're read the previous pages, I just HAVE to tell you about one of the most exquisite feelings that the human body is capable of (besides orgasm and the taste of cum, of course).

Imagine this scenario: You are at home. Three friends come to visit. You tell them about how you've learned to deep-throat huge dildos, and take them up your ass. They demand proof, and try to hide the fact that they're getting hard just listening to you talk about it. You prepared for this eventuality, having read this website carefully, and so you take out your two favorite huge dildos. Their jaws drop in silent awe, then they applaud. They doubt that you can really deep-throat such a big monster. So you lube one up and sink it into your throat with ease. Again, they applaud, but are no longer able to hide their excitement. As you slide the dildo up and down your throat, they strip and start lightly jacking off. Without taking the dildo from your throat, you slowly disrobe as they stare at you in disbelief. One of them comes up and feels your throat; another feels your belly; the third one picks up the other dildo and smiles as he feels its amazing weight and length. You whip the dildo out of you throat, hand it to one of the guys, and say, "Well, don't just stand stand there looking, stupid!" and you lie down face-up on a table, with your knees bent. You point at the bottle of lube, slip on a blindfold, and say to them, "I can't see what you're doing, so make the feelings count!" Your cock is fully erect in eager anticipation.

The next thing you know, you feel a huge dripping dildo against your ass and another one pushing against your lips. You let both of them in at the same time, and revel in the sensations of motion and fullness. Your cock is so hard that you can count your pulse there without touching it. A hand presses against your throat as the dildo slides through it, and you hear a gasp of amazement from one of the guys. Then you feel another hand, pressing against your stomach, feeling the dildo wending its way through your gut. Both dildos are fully buried in short order, and you can hear the sound of guys jacking off as they marvel at the glorious sight of your body impaled by two huge dildos! As you hold your breath (you haven't any choice!) they begin to pump the dildos in and out of you as they continue to jack themselves off.

You hear a mixture of grunts and a moment later feel the hot splash of their cum on your chest and tummy. As two of them continue to pump you, the third one one says, "My God, look at this!" and puts both of his hands on your belly. "Those things are bumping into each other!" he cries out, and you can feel the dildos passing by each other and feeling each other as the two hands smear the cum deep into your skin. Your whole body gives one violent shake, and you shoot your load of cum so hard and so high that it goes all over you, the table, and your friends. As you remove the blindfold, you look down and see the bulge in your belly, and remember that you haven't breathed in at least a minute. Doesn't matter; you could go longer!

Hey, guess what? This is NOT a fantasy! My reputation has spread far and wide, and I'm in great demand to put on a "show" at parties and orgies. The above is just one of my more popular "acts". And what's really cool is that by time I leave, I always manage to teach at least one guy there how to deep-throat a huge dildo, so that the others know that it's not just me, but something that anybody can do. It's my life's mission!

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