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What Lubricants Are Best?

This is a very personal matter. Personal tastes differ widely. What some people love, others hate. There is no "best", except what's best for you. Trite, but true!

That being said, here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop for lubricants.

Avoid the ones that dry out too fast, because dry lube is no lube. Sex literature always says to avoid oil-based lubes because they make condoms fail, but we're not talking about sex here. We're talking about dildos, not condoms; oil does not make dildos fail! And we're not talking about sharing body fluids with somebody else, just taking a clean dildo inside you. So don't worry about using oil-based lubes. Their best feature is that they do not dry out.

Beware the strongly flavored or scented lubes. They cause a burning sensation when they get deeper inside you than their manufacturers intended (or ever dreamed possible!).

I just use heavy mineral oil, the kind sold by your friendly neighborhood pharmacy as a laxative. (Be careful not to get light mineral oil, which is not intended for internal use!) Mineral oil is just the right viscosity, it's colorless and won't stain your clothes or bedding, it's odorless and tasteless so it won't interfere with the experience of feeling that huge dildo inside you, and it's so inexpensive that you never will be tempted to use too little. Crisco is good for the same reasons, but it's better for ass action than throat action because it tastes like, uh, Crisco.

Coconut oil? Okay, if it's the real thing.

Suntan oil that smells like coconuts? NO! It's not for internal use! Read the freakin' bottle! Don't poison yourself! Sheesh!

By the way, if you're tempted to use bizarre things like strawberry jam or teriyaki sauce ... be careful. Many things that taste good or seem totally innocent suddenly turn into wicked irritants when used as dildo lubes. Don't even THINK about trying "sport ointments" like Ben Gay; despite the enticing name, it will put you in agony! Don't ask me how I know this ... it's a sad story. Just trust me. Finally, don't try anything that's too thin or watery, because they offer no real lubricating properties.

Whatever you use: use lots of it!

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