The Huge Dildo Homepage was originally run by Swallow on GeoCities. It was a very popular and informative site, and we had exchanged occasional email with Swallow. Then the pages disappeared. We wrote to Swallow to ask what happened, but received no response. A discussion of these pages came up on the Handball Mailing List, and as a result someone sent us some of the pages that they had saved. We decided to post them on our amateur porn site,, so that this incredible information would not be lost.

Then, Swallow contacted us again! He told us that he had been taking a vacation from cyber space for a couple of years. And since he did not think that he would be putting the Huge Dildo pages up again any time soon, he sent us a copy of the entire site! We posted the complete pages on our site. But that site has been inactive for a few years, so the pages weren't available. We recently changed into a blog site, and since these pages don't fit into a blog structure very well, we decided to give them their own site again.

We do not suggest or recommend that anyone attempt the techniques described in these pages. They are presented here for your entertainment only. We did not write these pages, and cannot answer any questions about them. We have not heard from Swallow in many years, and do not know how to contact him.We also strongly recommend that you read this Important Information before trying anything described in these pages!

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When Swallow wrote these pages back in the 1990's, most dildos were made of latex (rubber). Today, most sex toys are made of PVC or other plastic materials. Plastics tend to have more chemicals in them than rubbers. There's been a lot of panic recently about sex toys being "dangerous" becuase of this. Most of the buzz is exactly that: panic. There has been no research that indicates in any way that sex toys are dangerous, and that the chemicals in them can leach into your body with normal or even "heavy" usage. To the contrary, research has indicated that there is no health risk from the chemicals in sex toys.

That being said, the technique used by Swallow to make huge dildos may be risky when applied to PVC or other plastic toys. When heated, plastics can give off fumes, so any kind of process that involves heating or melting these materials should only be done in a very well ventilated area. A microwave in a home kitchen does not usually meet this requirement.

Also colored toys generally have more chemicals (dyes) in them. We've found that the best choice to avoid "chemical issues" with toys is to stick to "flesh" and black colors. Toys in these colors tend to be softer and more flexible too.

Plastics may not "stick together" as well as latex using the technique described by Swallow. I don't know, I've never tried it. I may do some research on it to find out. Whatever material you are using, once the bond has "set", I would recommend giving it some pretty good tugs to make sure that it won't separate. And do this every time before you use the toy, just to make sure! It's better to be safe than sorry.

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